Work smarter in the cloud with Savenet

Working smarter has never been so essential yet never been so complex. All businesses are operating at a time of massive change. Not only are they navigating their way out of a global pandemic. But they are also feeling the impact of digital transformation in how they operate.

It means your business has never had to be so adaptive and responsive in how it works or has never experienced so many simultaneous opportunities and threats. It also means businesses need to move at a pace not seen before to match customer demand.

And although lots of businesses are now aiming to work smarter, they know that certain things are holding them back – like their existing IT infrastructure.

That’s where Savenet can help. We can remove the complexity of migrating your IT system from your existing physical server infrastructure to one that’s hosted in the cloud. Doing this will free up your business and give it the agility it needs to keep pace with both consumer demand and digital disruption within your industry. So, take the first step by booking your 90-minute FREE bespoke IT review with our hands-on, knowledgeable team. 

The many benefits of being in the cloud

Moving your IT system to the cloud will bring many benefits for your business including:

Better productivity

Working in cloud allows for better collaboration, less downtime from applications and the ability to do business from anywhere. This creates the perfect environment to increase your productivity.

Enhanced reliability

Using the cloud is reliable, secure and can improve your system’s performance for both your team and the end user.   

Increased flexibility

A cloud IT infrastructure gives your team the ability to work from anywhere. And it allows your business to expand without the limitations that new servers, IT equipment or software licensing can bring.

Stronger security

The cloud will make your IT system more secure than ever before through advanced data and cloud protection, two-factor authentication and patch management. Providers also operate at the highest compliance standards.

One cost-efficient provider

Because we’ll be your sole manager of your cloud IT system it means you can enjoy world-class infrastructure at a fraction of the cost using multiple providers. And our accurate cost-per-employee rate allows for transparency when scaling your business.

So why choose Savenet?

There are lots of great reason to partner with Savenet when migrating your IT system to the cloud. But we’ll start with our smooth and speedy migration process which our existing customers have loved.

Reason 1 – Our Simple 4-Step Process

Step 1 – Assess

We’ll assess and identify the best cloud strategy for your business by:

  • Establishing your business priorities, goals and objectives
  • Reviewing your existing IT workloads, interdependencies, data sensitivities, performance characteristics, and compliance requirements
  • Doing a cost benefit analysis

Step 2 – Plan

We’ll take a holistic approach to reshaping your IT infrastructure by:

  • Roadmapping your journey to the Cloud
  • Reviewing what workloads need to be migrated
  • Establishing the best cloud server for you – public, private or hybrid
  • Designing your security infrastructure
  • Creating your Cloud Backup and Cloud Disaster Recovery plan

Step 3 – Migrate

Our hands-on approach will ensure a timely and smooth migration by:

  • Creating the most suitable cloud system for your unique requirements
  • Designing and implementing your strategy on five key principles – Rehost, Refactor, Revise, Rebuild or Replace
  • Reducing any costly migration issues or business interruptions

Step 4 – Manage

We can also manage the day-to-day running of your cloud environment by:

  • Ensuring your IT infrastructure can scale with your business needs.
  • Helping it adapt to and stay on top of new and existing security threats
  • Ensuring it’s operating at its maximum availability and uptime
  • Being your support port-of-call should something happen

Reason 2 – Our trusted track record  

Of course, the process itself is not the only reason you’ll love to partner with us. We also have a long and experienced track record of moving clients to the cloud. We’ve long been an industry leader in helping business making the switch and recognise the challenges faced no matter how big or small. That’s why we deliver a bespoke, expert and fully managed service that’s designed to help your business succeed in the cloud.

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There are many more reasons why you should move your IT system to the cloud with Savenet. Discover what they are by booking a FREE 90-minute bespoke review with us

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  • In-depth specific benefits of moving to the cloud for your business
  • Assessing challenges and risks associated for your business
  • An outline plan for how best to move your business to the Cloud

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