Cloud Disaster Recovery

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Experiencing downtime is no longer an option for your business in an increasingly connected world. Savenet’s Cloud Disaster Recovery gives your business peace-of-mind by helping you stay in control of your IT, no matter what happens. Our service makes enterprise-level disaster recovery available to businesses of all sizes. This means you can always enjoy a cost efficient, automated and simple solution.

How our Cloud Disaster Recovery service works

Traditional cloud disaster recovery solutions can be expensive and error prone as they rely on manual processes. They can also add a level of complexity that may be beyond the scale of your business, as they require a second IT infrastructure to be built. Our Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions remove these issues by replicating your IT system in the cloud in real time. This means that if something unforeseen happens we can switch to the replicating system and your team can work with minimum disruption.

The benefits of working in the cloud:

The benefits of working in the cloud:

What our clients say

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