Planning ahead for migration of StorSimple?

Microsoft Azure-enabled businesses need to find solutions as StorSimple 8000 is approaching end of life.  Has your business considered options? 

While StorSimple met enterprise and data needs in the past, new cloud-based technology means that you can centralise global data to deliver secure and fast access through a cloud platform with no limit on data or any number of remote locations.

At Savenet, our File Sync and Share Solution is powered by Ctera – a Global leader in enterprise file servers*.  Key features include:

  • Cross-site collaboration
  • PB-scale cloud tiering with local file stubbing
  • Central management of thousands of o­ces and endpoints
  • Complete privacy and security High performance
  • CIFS/NFS Data migration tools for rapid deployment

Not only will the File Sync and Share solution service your StorSimple needs, it will do so much more:

  • modernizes remote o­ce / branch o­ce (ROBO) IT with a powerful and comprehensive platform for file storage, content collaboration, and data tiering that spans on-premises and cloud infrastructures.
  • Edge Filers replace aging file servers and NAS with a powerful, cloud-native solution oering modern collaboration, elastic scaling, and significant cost savings.
  • The filers bridge network latency with caching for high performance at the edge, provide end-to-end encryption, and support any public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment.
  • A scalable platform supports any number of remote locations, and its WAN-optimized transport protocol ensures secure data transfer across widely distributed organizations.
  • You can enjoy fast, local access to cloud-based files from any o­ce or endpoint device Collaborate across global o­ces and improve user productivity
  • Dramatically reduce TCO of ROBO file storage with cloud caching and tiering Connect to the private, virtual private or public cloud infrastructure of your choice Scale to 1,000s of sites while lowering IT overhead through centralized management

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The same platform is used by leading global businesses.  Hear from McDonalds and other leading global enterprises on why this solution is the right solution for them and the best on the market.

For more information on how your organisation can seamlessly and securely migrate from traditional IT infrastructure, take a look at Ctera’s solution brief.   In this Ctera explain cloud economic benefits with fast, local file access, and unlimited scalability. 

To take the next step to replace StoreSimple then get in touch with us at Savenet 01 5267750.  We would be delighted to help!