Implementing New Security Solutions to Improve Cloud Security 

There’s a growing trend of businesses migrating their applications and data storage to the cloud. This shift isn’t just a fashionable tech move, it’s often a strategic decision aimed at enhancing efficiency, scalability and flexibility. However, as companies start using cloud-based solutions, the need to mitigate security risks becomes more important.  

With the rise in cyber threats targeting the cloud, organisations must continuously update their security solutions. One of the most effective ways to keep your cloud assets safe is by assessing your security scores, implementing new security solutions to enhance these scores, and then managing these solutions diligently on a day-to-day basis. 

This post aims to guide you through this complex yet essential process, ensuring that you achieve robust cloud security.

Assessing Your Current Security Score

Before implementing any new security features, it’s vital to understand your current security posture. Security scores, such as O365 security scores, are quantifiable metrics that provide insights into the vulnerabilities and risks associated with your cloud infrastructure. 

These scores can range significantly from one company to another, with higher numbers indicating better security. Multiple factors contribute to your security score and some simple changes can make a big difference, offsetting the risk of security breaches and helping to protect your cloud solutions from advanced threats. 

There are various tools that can help you assess your security scores, from internal audits to third-party assessments. Understanding your current score allows you to pinpoint the areas that need improvement and prioritise them accordingly.

Implementing New Security Solutions

Investing in new cloud security solutions offers more than just fixing vulnerabilities, it provides a robust framework for your digital assets. Proactive measures provide multiple benefits, including staying ahead of cyber threats, which in turn boosts your security control.

If you’re unsure which security solutions are best for your organisation, getting some professional guidance is beneficial. Cloud security services can help you develop a multi-layered approach to cyber security. From firewalls and malware protection to patch management and access control, there are solutions available for all security needs. 

Actively improving your security score is evidence of your commitment to security and safeguarding client data, which can be a strong selling point for customers and partners concerned about data security. This can also help to ensure compliance with regulations, as laws regarding data protection and privacy become more stringent. 

Remaining compliant is not just about avoiding penalties, it adds to your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness. Not to mention, improving cloud security through new solutions often results in operational efficiencies. Advanced security measures can contribute to both time and cost savings.

In essence, implementing new security solutions is a strategic move that improves your security score while offering operational and reputational benefits. It’s not just about reducing security risks, it’s about positioning your organisation for growth and success.

Day-to-Day Management of Security Solutions 

Implementing new security solutions isn’t enough to improve cloud security. It’s equally important to manage these security measures actively, monitoring for any signs of vulnerability or breaches.

  • Regular Audits – Conducting frequent audits helps you understand how effective your security solutions are and where you may need to make adjustments. This could be an internal audit or a third-party audit from a cloud security company. 
  • Continuous Monitoring – Actively scanning your cloud infrastructure to detect, analyse and respond to any anomalies or potential threats is hugely beneficial. This allows you to address any risks in real-time, before they harm your company. 
  • Employee Training – Human error remains a significant contributor to security vulnerabilities. Training your employees on the importance of security and best practices can go a long way in supporting your cloud security measures.
  • Review and Update – Security is a dynamic field that requires constant attention. Working with a cloud security company can help you stay up-to-date with new security trends, tools and features to ensure your cloud security remains airtight.

Working With a Cloud Security Company 

Ultimately, enhancing cloud security involves a multi-step approach. By understanding your existing security posture, implementing new security solutions and continuously managing your security, you can reap the benefits of an enhanced security score. Protecting valuable data is easy when you adopt this structured, methodical approach. 

If you have recently migrated to the cloud and need some assistance with security, our team at Savenet is ideally placed to assist. We provide a range of cloud services and can help you to protect your digital assets. Our hands-on approach to cyber security can prevent headaches and ensure your organisation can operate smoothly. We remove the complexity of cloud security and with our help, you can ensure your data is fully protected. 

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