How to find a Cloud Back Up solution to suit your needs

It’s never been more important to protect and manage your data. But, Back Up can be a labour intensive and often a thankless task. It’s never front of mind when working smoothly but one failed restore could have serious implications for individuals and businesses large and small. Data loss can occur at any time and for all kinds of reasons, anything from a crash, malware, failure or even human error.

It is so important for any business to stay on top of Back Up. Systems should be updated or changed before they become outdated.

Here’s how to make sure you’ve got your back covered!

  1. Plan
    Everyone’s needs are different. Partner with a Back Up expert to plan a bespoke package to suit your data needs. This will help you:
    • Minimise data loss
    • Stay data compliant
    • Develop a cost-effective storage and management strategy
  2. Monitor
    Once you’re all set up on-going monitoring and analysing your data usage daily is advisable, so you can make adjustments fast. Again, if you bring in the Back Up experts, they should do this for you. Look for reports including:
    • reports on the health status and completion of Back Up sets
    • detail of any errors and resolve any issues
    • And be informed about which sets are being used so you can keep on top of costs
  3. Review
    Do make sure you get regular reviews of your Back Up performance. This will allow you to:
    • Analyse areas of performance or potential issues
    • Quickly adapt your Back Up service to suit your business needs at a given time
    • Develop solutions for your future Back Up needs faster

The right Cloud Back Up has many benefits; it’s scalable to your needs, it will ensure comprehensive restore capabilities and it gives you security & peace of mind.

Savenet’s Cloud Back Up services offers bespoke innovative solutions and the highest standard security. We’ve a long history in helping businesses of all sizes stay protected and feel in control.

We’ll tailor the best solution for you and remove any hassle. It’s a service you can truly rely on.
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