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We understand moving to the cloud can be a major headache. But we’ll remove any complexity and tailor a new IT infrastructure that’s fully optimised to your needs.

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Our years of experience will help your business succeed in the smoothest, speediest, and most efficient way possible.

Security and peace of mind

Our knowledgeable, hands-on approach will give your business peace of mind once you’re in the cloud. And we’ll ensure your data is fully protected and managed.

We’ve been helping businesses embrace the benefits of the cloud for well over a decade. Our holistic approach reshapes their IT infrastructure so it’s best set up for the future.


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Our Partners

We only work with the best so we can give you the best. All our partners offer the latest world-leading solutions in data migration, protection and management.

A global leader in cloud infrastructure & digital workspace technology.
Microsoft are a worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help businesses reach their full potential.
Zerto offer the latest in Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions and the first to offer enterprise-class cross-hypervisor replication.
Commvault are a world leader in backup and recovery services, creating solutions that can be as agile as your business needs.
FalconStor are experts in archiving your data when switching to the cloud.
Ctera is the edge-to-cloud file services leader, powering more than 50,000 distributed locations and millions of corporate devices worldwide.
Dell EMC offer IT transformation through infrastructure, data storage, hybrid cloud and data protection solutions.
Veeam delivers availability to your IT system by offering simple, flexible and reliable backup, recovery and replication for all your applications and data.
Cloudian solves all your biggest storage challenges whatever size of business or need to rapidly change scale.
This world leading company is at the forefront of the latest in IT products, services, cloud technology, AI and more.

An award-winning Irish provider

Won IT Project of the Year & Shortlisted for IT Architect of the Year – Tech Excellence Awards.

Won Project of the Year – Tech Excellence Awards

Shortlisted IT Architect of the Year, IT Professional of the Year and Cloud Partner of the Year – Tech Excellence Awards

Shortlisted IT Architect of the Year and IT Professional of the Year – Tech Excellence Awards

Launch of File Server in the Cloud
Shortlisted IT Architect of the year and Cloud partner of the year– Tech Excellence Awards

Won IT Architect of the Year – Tech Excellence Awards

Shortlisted IT Architect of the Year and IT Professional of the Year – Tech Excellence Awards

Awarded ISO 27001 certification
First company in Ireland to provide Cloud Archiving Service
First company in Ireland to build a Cloud Object Storage platform
Shortlisted IT project of the year – Tech Excellence Awards

First company to bring Cloud File Sharing service to the Irish market.
Won Project of the year – Tech Excellence awards

First company to deliver DR as a Cloud service.

The cloud is a part of our DNA. And we’ve been an industry leader in helping our clients work smarter with it for a long time. We work with businesses of all sizes and across many territories. We recognise the challenges they face when moving to the cloud, or in protecting and managing their data. We provide an essential safety net for all our clients, and deliver a bespoke, expert service that helps them succeed.


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